This is only one package available for now other similar packages will be added in future each one being rare and unique!  This package contains (1) Rainbow Moonstone Obelisk, (1) Rainbow Moonstone Hexagon , and (1) Sacred Cubit tensor ring with Necklace material ! Plus a free gift is included ! 


Rainbow Moonstone is basically a mixture between White Labradorite and Moonstone , two of the most powerful stones/crystals that help influence pineal gland power, increase personal power and harmony.

These Amazing Deposits were found in India , Sri Lanka !  

Rainbow Moonstone:  1  Wand / Obelisk and One hexagon that you see in this picture .  Highest grade, crystal source origins known, crystal charged at sacred megalithic healing chamber Dolmen in North Salem, NY

- has stimulating effect on pineal gland and sacred DMT Light in body

- brings more psychic control , stronger dream travels,and images 

- moonstones able to draw and condense the very subtle energies of the astral substances 

- helps bring personal transformations

-aligns energy in body

-vibrational output brings calming and serenity effects

-connects to your personal emotions and current mental state, will reflect the personality of the person who carries it

-brings mental clarity

-shields Aura from negative energiesand vibrational energies looking to cling ,fatigue , and/or attack you

- raises and sharpens awareness , intuition, and intellectual level

- helps bring new positive oppurtunities that can change you forever

-  increases intent power and thoughts

- carrying will help ease anxiety and stress , great for meditations

- helps expreess yourself and find what you truly need, brings amazing clarity

Sacred Cubit Torus Field ring/ Copper Pendant is built at the harmonic resonant frequency of 144mz which is harmonic light speed!! Helps balance physical and spiritual bodies! Helps heal light body, the cooper ions pulsating off the cooper communicates with and helps purify the blood in your body! Helps remove any negative energy and or harmful energies and frequencies! Perfect for Wearing as a pendant or for scrying/dowsing, charging crystals/stones, cleaning water, food, charging food, and sooooo much more!! A beam of positive energy comes from the center of the Torus field and helps protect you from outside negative and harmful energies.

Also heals physical body, cuts, bones, bruises,scars etc ..

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Rainbow Moonstone Obelisk, Hexagon and Copper Tensor Ring Package


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