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Aura Protector Astral Dragon Crystal Skull

Very special only one of a kind in world because it was charged at the North Salem NY Balanced Rock Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen during Winter Solstice Dec 21 2022 Solar Alignment that takes place ! Intense!!!!!

Weight : 7 lbs 10.4 oz Wow!!!!!!

Length: 10 inches

What better to protect your aura than an astral dragon crystal skull of aura quartz! Absolutely beautiful and massive! Highest Quality Aura Quartz Crystal! And charged at sacred site where there's incredible solar alignment and magnetic vortex of energy

Free gift of mini skull included

Shipping included inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Crystal skull Warrior of Light # 108


Charged in the Bear MTN NY High Mountain Sun

Aura Quartz Protector Dragon Crystal Light Warrior (7lbs 10.4 oz) Dolmen Charged

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$1,999.80Sale Price
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