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Only one of these packages available and is only one in world with these specific products. I know it will find the right special home ! 
Once in a lifetime  kind  of package. The crystals charged at North Salem Ny Balanced Rock during Winter Solstice and Vernal  Equinox of 2019  and 2020 

Included is : (1 ) Custom Rare Sacred Cubit Hedekka , Trinacrian Cooper 8 Ring Harmonizer System that has the Hedekka or Triskelion triple spiral on both the top and bottom  (1)  Hunk of Rainbow Moonstone
(1)Lemurian Quartz Tower Generator 
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A little about the special site and special time these two crystals were charged.
Charged beneath and within the healing chamber Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen at the North Salem, Ny Balanced Rock during Vernal Equinox 2019/ Vernal Equinox 2020 and during the Winter Solstice Saturn Jupiter conjunction of 2020 which is a once in many lifetime event . Let's give a brief summary of why this is so important. North Salem Ny Balanced Rock is one of the rarest and most special Megalithic Dolmens in the world. It is made of 60 to 90 tons of Rose/Red Granite that is balancing on a few small quartzite slabs , built on top of a -400 gamma magnetic anomaly and has the face of a giant feline humanoid wearing a Pharaoh like head dress. A sphinx like Dolmen right here in NY. We call this "the healing chambers of Sekhmet. " It has been proven thru countless experiments that seeds charged beneath this Dolmen , experience enhanced growth , water charged here is cleaner . Crystals charged beneath here are supercharged and laying beneath it can help heal the mind body and soul ! It has been proven this site has archeoastronomy solar alignments on solstice and equinox , a power surge of plasma and electrons that takes place during Sunrise and Sunset, and  also during these solar alignments. Plasmic orbs , rainbow tubes of light , have been photographed by us and others at this site. Also the Red Granite this Megalithic Dolmen is made from is not from anywhere around this area. It is similar to Red Granite in the  Aswan Quarry of Egypt.  It has been in this location for thousands of years and built right on top of a magnetic anomaly and a special coordinate on our harmonic energy ley line grid . A healing chamber . We at the mystical spiral have been researching this location for many years and it has been also recently featured on the popular TV show Ancient Aliens.

About Harmonizers 
 -  Harmonizer built to help clear Earth energies
 -  brings harmony to any atmosphere
 -  Helps Plants grow
 -  Helps Butterflies, worms, Birds etc.  thrive  as well
 -  made of copper combination of rings and coils 
 -  torridal (Torus) donut shaped energy field with coil in middle makes positive energy come out from the top of this,than coming back around, sweeping through it,pulling all the negative energy around into the base of the harmonizer through the coil, transmuting it again to positive energy out the top of this torridial field . The coil in center creates motion of flow .The Hedekka symbol added to this specific Harmonizer only amplifies that energy even more 
 -   Harmonizer emits cosmic light field and has positive output
 -  Some clairvoyants will see a holographic light field 
 -  Helps clean air in house , even smells
 -  Has agricultural , personal and environmental applications
 -  Helps with harmful microwaves, emf,  5g, 
 -  Helps keep your Bio - Energetic Field ( your personal Atmosphere) Your Aura, stay positive, healthy and strong 
- Can amplify thoughts and intentions
- Can be used to influence weather conditions 
-  balances the harmonic frequencies inside your physical and energetic bodies
- Harmonizers can be contained inside a ring, place inside the ring , this contains the energy  and sends it in a upward direction 
- Harmonizers literally can bring carbon monoxide levels down and reduce air pollution 
- Cleanses water and food 
- Reduce Insect Activity 
- Bring light Photon Energy to water and soil when charged with  tensor ring system
And much more !

Hedekka / Trinacria / Triskelion

This is the infinite never ending triple spiral symbol that is on the top and bottom of this amazing custom Harmonizer . Many have telepathically seen this very symbol within the walls of Atlantis . This also is in many Ancient cultures including the Trinacria of Sicily ! The water element is activated with this symbol. This can be used to literally harmonize your whole shower or bath experience for your whole family! Perfect for any bathroom,office or home ! This symbol brings a never ending flow of energy and harmonic balance!

Atlantean Torus Hedekka / Trinacrian Moonstone Sacred Package


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